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Dr. Terri L. Holden

Terri Holden

I am honored to lead Yellow Springs Schools into the uncharted territory in which we now all find ourselves. 2020 will certainly be a year to remember but I know that there is promise of a brighter (and safer) 2021.

The Yellow Springs staff and faculty are excited to welcome our Fearless Thinkers back virtually on Thursday, August 27 for an invigorating year of learning. We are committed in our resolve to provide our students with an engaging and challenging education, whether that is through virtual delivery or in-person instruction. Our district-wide commitment to a different type of teaching and learning, of which project-based learning is the foundation, is the core of everything we do.

District staff will collaborate this year to strengthen and refine our core instruction to support student achievement. Through our PBL approach, every student, from kindergarten to 12th grade, will participate in hands-on, deeper learning that encourages creativity, collaboration, and exploration. Wrapped around our standards-based academic instruction, PBL provides our students the opportunity to tackle the real-world issues that our community faces and enables them to make an impact locally and globally. Certainly, the COVID-19 pandemic and the massive racial protests during the past six months have provided context and content for our students to truly learn about the world around them. This is meaningful work! We will continue to use the educational experiences at Yellow Springs Schools to address issues of equity and social justice.

Our innovative approach to learning here at Yellow Springs Schools has made our district a leader in Ohio and part of the movement to prepare our young people to change the world. This is possible not only because of the dedication of our teachers and staff, but also the commitment our students and their families show to education, the leadership of our Board of Education and administration and the support of community members who believe in providing innovative, quality educational experiences for children.

Yellow Springs Schools continues the tradition of growing fearless thinkers and leaders. As we have clearly seen, the hope for a future for all of us lies with our children.

Dr. Terri L. Holden
Yellow Springs Schools


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