Advanced Placement

Yellow Springs High School believes strongly in providing a curriculum that is individualized for every student's readiness levels.  As such, we offer a broad menu of Advanced Placement courses including the following for the 2012-2013 school year: AP Studio Art (New in 2011-12), AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP English, AP Physics,  AP US History, and AP Calculus (new in 2012-13).

All students taking an Advanced Placement class are required to take the national AP exam in May. The cost of the exam this year was $87.00 (subject to change if the AP program changes the price.) Payment is due by midterm of the first quarter. Any difficulties in meeting this cost or deadline should be addressed to the Principal as soon as possible to make other arrangements. In addition, some AP classes have a fee for lab materials. See the school handbook for details.


We also continuously strive to add to this curricular rigor by exploring partnerships with local colleges for dual enrollment options.  For example, in Spring 2011 we began a new advanced foreign language Dual Enrollment option at Sinclair Community College.  Of the 15 students who took a web-based placement test in the Spring, 10 students demonstrated enough mastery to earn 4 college qtr-credits.  Of those ten, seven students earned 8 college qtr-credits and one student rocked it to the tune of 12 college qtr-credits!  A couple more cool things about this option is that (A) our foreign language teachers are able to use the data and testing to support their own proficiency-based instruction longitudinally; (B) these credits are free to kids (and YSEVSD) except for their own $20 application and transcription fees; and, (C) these credits can be transferred to over 200 other colleges/universities in Ohio.