Project Highlights

In 2014-15, kindergarten students at Mills Lawn School centered their project-based learning around play. Students developed rules for play at school, and as first graders the following school year, they returned to kindergarten to share those lessons with new students. The students also studied litter on the playground at the school, and led a plan to keep the playground – used by students and community members – clean and safe. This included the creation of signs, illustrated by students, demonstrating guidelines for safe and fun play on the playground.
This successful and engaging project-based learning lesson proves that PBL can be an effective learning tool for even our youngest students, empowering them to own their learning and make a difference in their community.

Food For Thought
In 2015-16, our freshman class at Yellow Springs High School led the Food for Thought project, answering the question “How can we cultivate a healthier community through education about food choice?”
Students explored food through documentaries, taste-tests, visiting local farms and restaurants, working with food experts and chefs, and growing their own food in an aeroponic tower at the school. The students also hosted a free Food Expo for the community, featuring information, hands-on activities and healthy foods to try. The Food for Thought project tackled an important and timely topic, allowing students to dig deeper in their learning and provide a service to the community.