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Home Instruction vs Home Schooling


It may be necessary for students to receive instruction at home or during a hospital stay because of an acute medical or psychological condition or an acute phase of a chronic condition that prohibits them from attending school within the district. If the student is in a hospital or has doctor’s orders to miss school for two weeks or more, the student’s parents or a representative from the hospital should notify the child’s school or central office. If the student is at home, the district may provide home instruction at a mutually agreed upon location.

In order for a student to receive home instruction, please have the physician complete the Home Instruction Application, indicating that the student's condition prohibits him/her from attending school and the anticipated duration of the home stay.

Once you and the physician have completed the application it should be returned to your child’s principal or school office.

Home instruction is a temporary provision of education. Every effort should be made to return the student to school as soon as possible. A plan for home instruction is developed as a result of a joint decision by the school and parents.

Students placed on home instruction who have special education needs will also need to have an IEP team change of placement completed which involves the IEP Team. This may occur before or after the school receives information from the physician.

DOWNLOAD the Home Instruction Fillable Application HERE

DOWNLOAD the Home Instruction Regular Application HERE


HOME EDUCATION (HomeSchooling)

Home Education is often called Home Schooling and is very different from home instruction or participation in an online school.

 Home Education is when a child’s education is based at home with their parents providing instruction rather than the education being provided through a public or private school program.

Parents are complete responsibility for their child’s education including the curriculum, instruction, and educational materials.  The child is no longer enrolled with the school district of residence as a student.  There is no state financial assistance for families who choose this option.

 Parents must agree to:

1.      Provide 900 hours of instruction to their child each year;
2.      Notify the superintendent every year of their intent: and
3.      Provide an assessment of the student’s work (see the OAC requirement here)

Parents in Yellow Springs who wish to pursue home education must contact Barb McDermott, at Greene County Educational Service Center to begin the process:  937-767-1303 x1116.


Contact your school office for home instruction information.

Home Education/Schooling
Barb McDermott 
937-767-1303 x1116.