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Civil Rights and Title IX

Our mental wellness department is a multidisciplinary team ready to support the needs of all students whether students are learning in person or learning from home.  Our team works to promote student, staff, and community wellness through resource and program development as well as continuing to build community wellness partnerships.  Supports and services provided by our counselors, mental wellness coordinators, and clinical team are available to all Yellow Springs Schools students.  For more information, contact your

Mental health is a national issue that impacts people of all ages, demographics and income. The facts on mental health conditions in our country are astounding. Research shows that half of all lifetime cases of mental illness are present by age 14. Scientists are discovering that changes in the body leading to mental illness may start much earlier, before any symptoms appear. According to the National Institute for Mental Health, through greater understanding of child brain development, we are learning more about the early stages of a wide range of mental illnesses that may not appear until later in life. 

Once mental illness develops, it becomes a regular part of a child’s behavior and more difficult to treat. Even though we know how to treat (though not yet cure) many disorders, many children with mental illnesses are not getting treatment. Helping young children and their parents manage difficulties early in life may prevent the development of disorders.

Ohio's k-12 social and emotional learning standards

Ohio's social and emotional Competencies

Ohio's learning brief: for parents and families


Rebecca Mazurik
School Psychologist

Contracted Therapists:

Greene County ESC
Preschool: Traci Womack
Speech and Language: Bernice Davis
Adapted Physical Education
Jessica Raffa

Clark County ESC
Occupational Therapist
Mindy Severtson
Physical Therapist
Deb Evans