Welcome To Mills Lawn School

Mills Lawn School was designated a “National School of Excellence” in 1999. We are proud of that designation and are committed to living up to expectations of excellence. We continue to distinguish ourselves through a student-centered approach that focuses on achievement in all areas. Our academic merits and ratings on state assessments continue to demonstrate the effectiveness and excellence of our school community.

We continue to distinguish ourselves as a school that strategically integrates arts and sciences! We were designated “A National School of the Arts” in 1999. Every year, we ensure all students experience the world of art and science through a variety of “hands on” approaches that engage the imagination and spur creativity. Each year we strive to incorporate scientists and artists in residency at Mills Lawn! Each residency can last from one to three weeks and creates dynamic learning opportunities.

At Mills Lawn, it is our intent to incorporate reading, writing, and math across all curricular areas. We also seek to integrate instruction and learning experiences with the performing and visual arts. Our Project-based Learning approach is unique across the state. This instructional focus recognizes that every student has special interests and talents. We make room in our busy week so that students may explore their passions and develop their talents. Our focus is on our students and we value them as individuals.

We are proud of our school and welcome our community to join us in our mission. Each spring, at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Tea, we thank over 100 volunteers who come to Mills Lawn to help our students learn and assist our teachers. Mills Lawn students like to come to school! We encourage a positive culture in which students can feel safe, both emotionally and physically.