Academics at MLS

Mills Lawn School focuses on excellence and quality in our mission to educate students in grades Kindergarten through Sixth. Our school offers a safe and engaging environment that promotes inquiry and problem-solving. Mills Lawn School encourages students to "own" their learning and take pride in their work as well as their school. We ensure that our students develop strong reading and math skills by focusing on the individual and using data to drive instruction. Mills Lawn School is comprised of a dynamic staff of educators who excel at teaching and dedicate themselves to improving students' lives through education. We encourage parents and community members to engage with our students and play an active role in our school community through numerous volunteer opportunities.

Mills Lawn School pursues an integrated academic approach that helps students see the connections between subject areas. Our focus on arts education and problem-based learning allows students to learn by doing, thinking, and creating. Classes regularly leave the building to explore nature or visit important places that inspire their learning. We actively recruit and welcome guests to our school to help our students understand their world from many perspectives. Mills Lawn School continues to enhance learning through the use of classroom technology, mobile devices (iPods & iPads), computer labs, and quality educational software. The advent of new protocols for assessment and intervention also help to ensure that all student needs will be noticed and addressed. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to continued support and success at Mills Lawn School.