McKinney Middle & Yellow Springs High School Back to School 2020-2021

Student Packet for Parents Last Updated: 9/1/2020 6:03 PM


Welcome Back! 

To accommodate this year's unique circumstances, we have moved all of our forms online. Please complete the required documents listed below, and a PDF will be sent to the school office upon completion. 

  Emergency Medical Authorization Form

  Military Service Questionnaire

  Email Address Collection Form

Additional information for parents to review include:

FERPA 2020-2021 Notice 

Publicity Opt-Out Form

One Call Now Opt-Out Instructions

AG 8500D - Collection of Fees and Payments for Meals 

McKinney Vento Act

2020-2021 School Fees

Ohio Immunization Summary for School Attendance 2020-2021

Rules for Student Riding School Buses

Meal Payments

Manage Lunch Account

2020-2021 MLS Free & Reduced Lunch Application
2020-2021 MMS/YSHS Free & Reduced Lunch Application
2020-2021 Free & Reduced Income Eligibility Guidelines

Homeless Liason

Donna First
Student Services Director, Yellow Springs Schools
Phone: 937-767-7217