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Mr. Comstock's Page

Paul Comstock

Study Hall Monitor/Behavior Intervention Aide

Study Hall Rules/Expectations

Students in Study Hall will be able to...
  1. Work in a quiet (though not silent), academically-focused environment.
  2. Work collaboratively in a non-disruptive manner with permission of teacher.
  3. Access support for research/computer work/printing of assignments and adult mentoring.
  4. Expect and contribute to a respectful and supportive environment for all students and staff.

  1. Academic work should be your priority.  If you have no assignments to complete, please study.
  2. Use quiet, study hall-appropriate voices.  (If your voice is carrying across the room, you are too loud).
  3. Work collaboratively in a non-disruptive manner with permission of teacher.
  4. Conversation/conduct should be appropriate for a school setting and a productive learning environment for all.
  5. Be in your assigned seat unless you have permission to be elsewhere.
  6. Use your agenda if you want to leave the classroom.
  7. Keep your hands/feet/bodies to yourselves, and respect the personal space of others.  Physical contact is discouraged.
  8. Technology:
    1. Headphones and music are always ok as long as neighbors aren’t disturbed
    2. BYOT use is OK, but no games should be played unless approved from teacher (educational games like Mahjong Chem, possible physics and/or problem solving games, etc...)
    3. If your technology becomes a distraction (showing a picture on your phone to a neighbor, etc...),  the technology will be confiscated by the Study Hall Monitor.
  9. Printing is available on an as needed basis. Please keep in mind the budget restrictions faced by our school district and attempt to complete your printing at home.

In short, treat others the way you wish to be treated...and please just ask if you have any questions or need permission for something that isn’t outlined above...

What You can Expect from Me (I will....):
  • Monitor and enforce expectations to ensure a productive learning environment so you can be/reach your academic best.
  • Frequently circulate to help students stay on task and to monitor student’s progress.
  • Help with printing as possible.
  • Attempt to help trouble-shoot problems and offer general assistance.

  1. Warning
  2. Hallway Redirect
  3. Parent Contact
  4. Detention or Written Office Referral
  5. Removal of privileges, including the use of computers/cell phones.
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