We serve breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria every day.  A hot and/or cold breakfast meal is offered in the cafeteria beginning at 7:30 am and cost only $1.25 for students (or $0.30 for students eligible for free or reduced price breakfast).   Lunch costs $2.75 (or $0.40 for students eligible for free or reduced price lunch).

Information / Menus from Sodexo: https://yellowspringssd.sodexomyway.com/

Do you know how to look for the best deal at lunch?

Build your lunch meal by choosing three (3) out of the five (5) food components offered for only $2.60. Offered daily are a variety of four entrees including two of the "favorite" entrées of the day, specialty salads and wraps/sandwiches. Lunch meal price is only $2.60 or $.40 for reduced students. Looking to eat only fresh veggies and fruits, you may now receive unlimited amounts (as much as you want – 1x visit) for an a-la-carte price of only $3.00. However, add an entrée and/or milk, and make it a meal for only $2.60. Either way, be sure to include those fresh veggies and fruits into your daily meal. Build a lunch meal today to receive the best deal.

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