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You may begin with Physical Science or Biology, depending on your placement from the middle school science teacher.
Physical Science (Triad Science)
9th grade
No Pre-requisite
This course is a survey of the physical sciences and will be taught in three, 12 week segments focusing on the introductory concepts of Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, and Physics. Each segment will be taught by a different teacher and in a different room. Chemistry topics will include the atom, chemical bonding, chemical reactions, and matter and energy. The Earth and Space Science will cover rocks and minerals, the structure of the earth and atmosphere, weathering and the solar system. Physics topics include motion, electricity and magnetism, and waves (sound and light).
General Biology
10th Grade
Pre-requisite: Triad Science
General Biology is an introductory, year long, course for sophomores. This class will cover standard biology curriculum; emphasis will be on understanding basic biology concepts. The units that need to be covered are cells, genetics, evolution, ecology, plants and anatomy. Approximately 50% of the class will be laboratory and project based. Most projects will be in class group projects and will show application to real life. Lab fee $5.00
10th-12th grade (or 9th grade upon teacher recommendation)
Pre-requisite: Physical Science
Biology is a sophomore level science class that contains a mixture of lecturing, reading, writing and lab experiments. It is taught at a level such that most students can successfully achieve a laboratory science credit. The classroom session includes basic chemistry, cell biology, genetics, evolution, ecology, animal anatomy, plant anatomy, and physiology. The classroom portion includes lectures, audio-visual aides, lab reports, lab tests and written tests. Students learn more about lab safety and continue to improve their lab skills. They use compound microscopes and stereoscopes throughout the year. Students will be taught proper handling of chemicals and they will also dissect a frog. Biology is not a required course, but it is a recommended course for students who plan to take chemistry or physics. It is strongly recommended for the college-bound students. Lab fee $5.00
AP Biology
11th-12th grade
Pre-requisites: Biology I (A/B); Chemistry I (A/B) or General Chem (A); or Teacher Recommendation
AP Biology uses a college textbook. Teaching methods include lectures, labs, lab report, lab practical on the cat, a project with a written and oral presentation, and scientific journal reviews. The course covers cytology, biochemistry, genetics, plant anatomy and physiology, human anatomy, evolution and ecology. Students will perform the twelve required AP Biology lab which will include detailed lab reports. Guest speakers and field trips are included for class enrichment. Evaluation is by objective tests and essay questions. The level of the material and the amount of writing help prepare students for college. It is strongly recommended for anyone going into technological or scientific areas. Students taking this course will be expected to take the AP exam. Lab fee $15.00

General Chemistry
11th-12th grade
Pre-requisites: Biology and Algebra
General Chemistry is an introductory, year-long course designed for students interested in attending technical school, any 2-year program or those interested in liberal arts in college. The course is designed for students who are not interested in majoring in science, engineering or medical fields. Topics covered in the course are related to “real world” scenarios when possible. The course will include the study of matter and its composition, simple organic structures, chemical reactions and solutions. The class will include many laboratory experiences and hands-on activities. This class is not as math intensive as the Chemistry I class. Lab fee $5.00
Chemistry I
10th-12th grade
Pre-requisites: Biology, Algebra (A/B)
This is an in-depth, technical chemistry course for the college-bound student, especially important for the student interested in a science, medical or engineering career. Emphasis will be on math involving algebra and high-level problem solving, reading and writing. Laboratory work emphasized, with multiple labs per quarter. Counts as a lab science credit for college. Recommended that students take chemistry before physics or AP Biology. Lab fee $5.00
AP Chemistry
11th-12th grade
Pre-requisites: Chemistry I (A/B or teacher recommendation)
Advanced Placement Chemistry is a second year chemistry course for students who want a college level course. AP Chemistry is designed to prepare students for further college study in the areas of medicine, natural science, engineering, chemistry, etc. It is a laboratory-oriented course with students assisting in preparing solutions and setting up labs for other classes. Lab fee $15.00
Physics I
11th-12th grade
Pre-requisite: Algebra II
The physics course provides an introduction to the major areas of physics including motion of objects, statics, work and energy, momentum and electricity and magnetism. A knowledge of Algebra is essential. The understanding and use of the basic principles in the solution of practical and text problems are major parts of the course. Demonstrations and laboratories are also important. A paper and/or project may be required. Lab fee $5.00
AP Physics
11th-12th grade
Pre-requisite: Physics I (A/B or teacher recommendation)
Advanced Placement Physics is a continuation of physics in preparation for the Advanced Placement Exam. Subject areas include the properties of matter, sound, thermodynamics, and modern physics. Experiments are performed, and the results and observations are interpreted, including assessment of experimental error. Students taking this course are expected to take the AP exam. Lab fee $15.00
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