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"When one teaches, two learn." - Robert Heinlein 
SummaryThe students will be working throughout the year to create a comprehensive portfolio that depicts their learning and growth during 7th grade. The students will be using to build a website that houses personal profiles, PBL attribute assessments, and project products and reflections. The completed electronic portfolio will house 13 pages total. Please read below for descriptions of the required and choice pages.
 2016814202812336_image.jpgOn the homepage of the electronic portfolio, students present an introduction to the portfolio, their findings from the communication style, learning style, and multiple intelligence assessments, and links to the additional required pages.
 201681420381212_image.jpgOn the interests and experiences page of the electronic portfolio, students present hobbies, activities, and experiences they enjoy and/or that have shaped their lives. 
 2016814204724994_image.pngOn the projects page of the electronic portfolio, students provide an overview of what it means to be a learner in a PBL school. In the overview students are expected to mention the attributes of a PBL learner, including agency, collaboration, communication, and gracious professionalism. The projects page must provide links to a 7th grade projects page and individual pages for each of the attributes mentioned above. 
 201681421716606_image.jpgOn each of the five attribute pages of the electronic portfolio, students present an explanation of the attribute, how the attribute affects learning for oneself and group members, and personal beliefs and strategies affecting implementation.
 2016814212010425_image.jpgOn the 7th grade projects page of the electronic portfolio, students provide hyperlinked pictures of three chosen projects from three different subject areas. Each picture is accompanied by a 50 to 100 word project summary. Each hyperlinked picture must link to a project and reflection page. 
 201681421312960_image.jpgStudents must choose three projects from three different classes to present in their electronic portfolio. Each project must have its own page that is linked from the 7th Grade Projects page. The individual project pages should each have an overview of the project, significant content learned during the unit, skills developed or improved during the unit, and specific impacts the project will have on future learning and/or experiences. The text on each individual project page should be in 5-paragraph format and should be 750 to 1000 words. Students must include at least three pictures from each presented unit. 
 2016814214820568_image.pngOn the feedback and critique page of the electronic portfolio, students use a contact page to invite viewers to provide kind, specific, and helpful feedback regarding their website. Students are required to explain why the critique process is important and how critique feedback is used. Students must provide one example of a piece of work that was improved by critique with pictures provided of multiple drafts. 
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