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Algebra I
9th – 12th grade
Pre-requisite: Recommendation of Math 8 teacher or successful completion of Pre-Algebra Algebra I presents a course in real numbers, equations, inequalities, problem-solving, algebraic fractions, linear systems, square roots, algebraic properties, graphing, exponents, and powers with an emphasis on application.

9th – 12th grade
Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Algebra I
This course integrates synthetic, coordinate, and transformation approaches to Euclidian geometry within a deductive system reinforcing algebra. It includes the study of transformations, proofs of congruencies, logic of geometry, measurements of plane and solid figures.

Intermediate Algebra
10th – 12th grade
Pre-requisites: Successful completion of Algebra I and Geometry
Intermediate Algebra covers the more difficult Algebra I topics such as graphing linear and non-linear functions, linear inequalities, quadratics and systems of equations. It also begins to cover several Algebra II topics in order to prepare students for either Algebra II or college algebra.

Algebra II
10th – 12th grade
Pre-requisites: Successful completion of Algebra I and Geometry and the recommendation of the Geometry teacher
Algebra II is a course for students who have done well in Algebra I and who anticipate taking college algebra or higher courses at the college level. Algebra II covers advanced topics such as: functions, recursive and explicit sequences, linear functions, quadratic functions, exponential functions, graphs, matrices, systems of equations, imaginary numbers, powers, radicals, and several factoring techniques.

Trigonometry, Statistics, and Functions
11th – 12th grade
Pre-requisites: Successful completion of Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry as well as the recommendation of the Algebra II teacher
This course is designed for students who intend to further study math and science and provides an excellent preparation for calculus. The trigonometry portion of the year focuses on trigonometric functions, identities, properties, and graphs. The statistics portion of the year introduces vocabulary and concepts related to college statistics courses. The function portion deals with analyzing many types of equations, analyzing the nature of roots, discussing the language of functions, solving and using logarithms, sequences, and factoring.

11th-12th grade
Pre-requisites: Trigonometry/Statistics/Functions and the recommendation of the Trig/Stat/Functions teacher.
This course integrates ideas needed for calculus with those of discrete mathematics while enhancing algebraic skills, proofs, and problem solving. It investigates traditional concepts of calculus, such as: maxima, minima, infinite sequences, limits and derivatives.
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