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YS Community Big Read
In order to foster greater community dialogue and shared understanding around PBL, the YS Schools will be facilitating a book study of Ron Berger's [An Ethic of Excellence] on three different dates at 7:00 pm. (10/22, 11/5, 11/19) The book study will take place in the Multipurpose Room at Antioch Midwest. 
Walk to School Day Was Huge!
Our annual “Walk/Bike to School” event was a great success! According to our data, 74% of our students (or 266) traveled on bike or foot that day. This is an incredible accomplishment and was due to the hard work of many partners and supporters. The Safe Routes to School Committee helped to plan and promote the event under the leadership of Chris Bongorno. 
Come to Classroom Meetings!
Classroom teachers are busy preparing for their annual classroom meetings! At Mills Lawn, we have individual classroom meetings with parents to ensure that teachers can properly introduce themselves. This is also a chance to discuss the curriculum, classroom culture, PBL, and student expectations. We hope that all parents attend in order to learn more about the school year and ask those burning questions. 
First Day of School (Blog Repost)
Check out this awesome blog post from Amy Magnus describing a day in the life of a Mills Lawn student. Not just any day though, the first day of school! http://ysnews.com/news/2014/08/b-is-for-brave 
PBL Exhibition Night Was a Blast!
Our second exhibition night was a huge success and the community came out in big support of our students. The evening was filled with student presentations of project work which focused on the themes of community, environmentalism, and peace. 
K-12 Art Show Success
The K-12 Art Show was very impressive and many people came out to enjoy student artwork. Mills Lawn was represented well and our students' work was featured in the gym of the high school.  
MinehART Gets Discovered
Mrs. Minehart's focus on quality art instruction has been recognized by the Scholastic ART magazine based out of New York City. The magazine contacted Mrs. Minehart after noticing her Egyptian Mask project on the Artsonia website. 
Project Peace News
Please check out our Project Peace Blog often for great updates about our weekly peace progress.We had a wonderful opening week with daily themes and a great assembly that featured our MLS Choir, messages of peace, the Bulldog Cheer, and a school dance party!  
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MLS News Videos
Bulldog BRAVE


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Star Spangled Banner (5/6 Choir)


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