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Support Peace Week!
Our 2nd annual "Peace Week" event is the week of March 16th. We have themes each day that will help our students understand the meaning of peace and the importance of resolving conflict in positive ways. This will be a fun week filled with school spirit as well as important discussions about the meaning of being "Bulldog BRAVE" and acting like a peacemaker. 
4th Graders Teach About Genres
Our 4th graders have been exploring various genres in reading and wanted to find engaging ways to teach others about them. The students used "voice and choice" to decide on various methods to teach about genres which included stop motion animation, puppet shows, and board games. 
Folk Dancing is a Hit!
Our 2nd grade students showed off their folk dancing skills recently by hosting a community shindig. Our students performed several folk dances and encouraged guests to learn the dances and join in, The students have been studying cultures around the world as they explore "Why dancing is important?" to all people. 
Students Focus on Black History Month
Students at Mills Lawn School have been studying about the important contributions of African Americans during the month of February. We were lucky to have some amazing guest speakers and student contributions during our morning news program. Make sure to check out this link for some video highlights. 
2nd Graders Focus on Monarchs
Our second grade classes are gearing up to help support and save the Monarch butterfly population. Students discovered that Monarchs are facing tough times due to environmental conditions that are reducing their numbers. Second graders chose this topic for a year long study... 
Bulldogs Become Tigers!
Two of our fabulous Mills Lawn artists were honored after being chosen as the winners for the DGMS Tiger Safety Calendar contest. Deena Green (6th) and Hailey Roe (4th) had their art chosen out of over 3,500 entries. There were only twelve winners selected and two of them came from our school. 
We Are Gaga Over Our Gaga Pit!
Through PE class discussions, our 6th grade students identified a need for more exercise options on the 4th-6th grade playground. Mr. West empowered our students to undertake a PBL project to organize, design, and build a "Gaga Pit" for the playground. The students requested funding from Mr. Housh and then ordered materials to begin construction. 
Chef in the Classroom Promotes Health
Our food service company Sodexo brought a new program to our 1st and grade 2nd classrooms recently called "Chef in the Classroom". Chef James came to discuss healthy eating habits and food preparation with our students.  
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MLS News Videos
Interview with Mila Cooper


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Chief John Grote Discusses Chief McKee


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