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Mr. Donn's Ancient Greece for kids
This is a super easy, well indexed source of information on ancient Greece.

Mr. Donn's Greek gods for kids
Mr. Donn has put together an easy to read list of the Greek gods and their descriptions. If you are researching the gods and goddesses, this is your spot!

  • Winged Sandals: A graphical interactive exploration of ancient Greece.
    • The creator of this site grew up in Greece, and learned myths from a young age, and it was supported by the ABC Development Division. He created it to inspire children to keep dreaming. The site includes animated stories and interactive games for learning. This website is good for its accurate, in depth information. NOTE: Not all the links are working; however, the one's that are are very informative.
  • BBC's Primary History Website about Ancient Greece
    • This BBC website gives in depth information about life in ancient Greece. Students can explore art and theater, the Olympic Games, and other areas. Students can also become familiar with the timeline of events or go on a Greek hero adventure game. Teacher resources include activities, games, quizzes, and pictures.
  • Hitory for Kids' Kidpedia
    • Another encyclopedia, this one is about all things "Ancient Greece." The author is Dr. Karen Carr, a history professor at Portland State University, and the site is updated frequently. This website is good for kids because it has simple background information. It also has a family tree to show how the gods are related.
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