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Foreign Language
Spanish I
9th-12th grade
No pre-requisites
This beginning course is an introduction to the Spanish language through hearing, speaking, reading and writing. Emphasis is on conversation. It also involves a beginning study of the history and ways of life of Spanish-speaking people in Spain and Latin America. Class pace is lively and busy. Students must do homework every day.
Spanish II
10th-12th grade
Pre-requisite: Spanish I
This course is a continuation of skill-building in speaking, reading and writing the Spanish language begun in Spanish I. Also, the study of Spanish culture is continued. Additional reading and writing are assigned and conversation is stressed.
Spanish III
11th-12th grade
Pre-requisites: Spanish I and II
Focus is on using Spanish I and II and making the language come alive. Class is conducted mostly in Spanish with emphasis on conversation, reading and writing. Students do more in-depth study of literature, history and ways of life of Spanish speaking people. Grammar is reviewed.
Spanish IV
11th-12th grade
Pre-requisite: A or B in Spanish III or teacher permission
Conducted entirely in Spanish, this conversation, reading and writing class deals with literature and world events.
French I
9th-12th grade
No pre-requisite
This course is an introduction to the language through the four basic communication skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Conversation is stressed using basic structures. Homework is assigned every day. Focus is also on the cultural aspects of French speaking people and countries.
French II
10th-12th grade
Pre-requisite: French I
A continuation of the study of the French language. A more in-depth study of language, vocabulary and grammar, moving toward free-expression in speaking, listening, reading and writing skills along with a continued study of French culture is stressed. Reading comprehension and oral fluency are stressed using a variety of new structures.
French III
11th-12th grade
Pre-requisites: French I and II
Conducted mostly in French, this class is a departure from the structured format of French I and II. The emphasis is on free expression in speaking and writing, and on reading selections from French literature. Grammar review and the study of more complex structures are stressed along with the study of famous people and important events in history, art, science, etc.
French IV
12th grade
Pre-requisites: French I, II and III
Conducted mostly in French, this is an advanced course in language and literature. Students will read novels, short stories, poetry and essays in French, and develop their speaking and writing skills at a higher level.
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