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Art I
9th-12th grade
No pre-requisite
Art I is an introductory art class designed to build skill with art media, creative thinking, and problem solving. Student will develop foundation skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and design, while exploring art from around the world and finding their own creative voice.

Art II
10th-12th grade
Pre-requisite: Art I
Art II is designed for serious art students who want to develop advanced skills in art. Students will do projects in all media, in addition to focusing on personal artistic goals and independent projects.

Advanced Art/AP Art
11th-12th grade
Pre-requisite: Art I/Art II (must have successfully completed Art II)
Advanced Art classes are for serious art students who are motivated and driven to continue advanced study of art. This class is for students who can be successful working independently, can meet deadlines, and are eager to design their own projects. Students will develop an art portfolio, and do an in-depth focus in their chosen media. This class will require extensive work beyond the classroom; AP students will need to complete 33 finished projects in order to submit their portfolios to the AP Board. AP students can generally expect 2 hours of homework each week.

Graphic Design
9th-12th grade
No pre-requisite
Introduces students to skills with design on the computer, and is a great class for students interested in computers, and/or art. Students will learn to use a variety of design software and learn to create:
  • digital “paintings” and 3-D renderings (landscapes, video game scenes)
  • graphics, such as logos, t-shirt designs, etc.
  • commercial publications (business cards, menus, CD covers, etc.)
  • websites
  • web animations and 3-D animation
  • architectural designs
Digital & Analog Photograpy I
9th-12th grade
No pre-requisite
The aim of this yearlong, hands-on art class is to develop the student’s aptitude for creative visualization through the making of photographic images. The processes of black-and-white film exposure, development, enlarging, and printing, within the school film lab and wet darkroom, will quickly become familiar. Students will also learn fundamentals of digital photography using iPhoto and/or Photoshop Elements for editing and Epson R1400 for digital printing. Students will gain an understanding and working knowledge of the basic elements and principles of design in the context of the photographic image as well as other forms of related art.
Activities are intended to build creative confidence in self-expression, problem solving, critical thinking and visual communication skills. An overview of photo history/appreciation is integrated into the curriculum and there will be opportunities for recognition through exhibitions and competition during the year. A digital camera with a minimum of 10 megapixels and a flash drive will be needed for the class, as well as a supply of 35 mm film, emulsion-based photo paper, and inkjet photo printing paper. Students will be given a complete supply list on the first day of class. 35mm cameras, all photo chemicals, and matting will be provided.

Photography II
10th-12th grade
Pre-requisite: Photography I
In this course the young photographer will continue to refine analog and digital exposure, printing, and presentation skills toward a level of mastery, while experiencing different processes within the media. These include infrared, high-contrast, high-speed film, medium format and pinhole photography, solarol developer, liquid emulsion, and others. Students will need to have their own 10 megapixel or higher digital camera, a flash drive, a supply of inkjet printing paper of various sizes and film. Medium format camera will be supplied. There will be instruction and practice in digital imaging, using iPhoto, Photoshop Elements, and software of the student’s choice, as well as in-depth study of contemporary photography to facilitate ongoing discovery and dialogue with regard to evolving new genres. Portfolio development for Scholastic and other exhibition opportunities are major components of this advanced class. Photo III and IV are available as independent courses of study. See below.

Photo III & IV
11th-12th grade
Pre-Requisite: Photo II, with instructor’s permission
With ongoing instructor collaboration, these courses of study allow the self-directed young photographer to work more independently toward meeting the learning objectives of a curriculum expressly designed within the student’s range of interests. Participation in exhibitions and contests throughout the year is mandatory, as well as the development of a photography portfolio for submission to Scholastic, other contests and opportunities for exhibition.

Video I, II*, III*
10th-12th grade
No Pre-requisite: (Photo I or Art I would be helpful)
This hands-on art course covers basics of the digital filmmaking process, including camera operation, shooting, scripting, storyboarding, lighting, editing, audio mixing, and special effects. Sutdents work in mini-dv format with equipment provided by the school to create short narratives, experimental, music videos, and explore genres of documentary and PSA. Activities are designed to build creative confidence
in self-expression, problem-solving ability, and communication skills, while applying current technology through the complex process of filmmaking. A brief overview of film history/appreciation is also included, and there will be opportunities throughout the year for participation in film festivals, screenings, field trips, and contests.

*After successful completion of this course, students may enroll in Video II and III, which are offered as independent courses of study. (see below)

Video II, Video III (Independent Study)
11th-12th grade
Pre-requisite: Video I
Students who have completed Video I coursework may pursue advanced level courses, specializing in specific genres of their selection to produce longer films, and work toward more skillful facilitation of processes involved in the production of longer films. Additionally, completion of a film portfolio dvd for submission to Scholastic, film festivals, and other screenings will be required of advanced video students. With ongoing instructor collaboration, these courses of study allow the self-directed young filmmaker to work independently toward meeting the learning objectives of a curriculum expressly designed within the student’s range of interests.
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