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Megan Anthony

Megan Anthony, 2 days ago

Tonight from 6-7:30 in the YSHS library, we encourage all families to come experience Hidden in Plain Sight, a look into a mock teenage bedroom and a real conversation about drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and vapes and the ways kids hide them in plain sight. see pic

Megan Anthony

Megan Anthony, 3 days ago

Middle school can be hard - SPIDEE is working to make it a little easier! YSHS SPIDEE student leaders guided 7th and 8th grade students through Changing in the Middle activities - focused on promoting inclusion, diversity, and equity - last week. #FearlessThinkers see pic

Megan Anthony

Megan Anthony, 7 days ago

Great article on Operation Bluebird at The collaborative conservation program, a partnership with Tecumseh Land Trust, begins later this month! #FesrlessThinkers

Megan Anthony

Megan Anthony, 9 days ago

"Making sushi is an art." -Nobu Matsuhisa, Japanese Chef. Check out the sushi-themed totem one of our #FearlessThinkers, Izzy Ellis, made in Mrs. Materne's Ceramics and Sculpture Class! see pic



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